tord boontje for moroso - i saloni '06

tord boontje, well known for his amazing floral patterns has applied his designs to a series of different tables, as well as different sized sofas in beautiful felt for moroso at the i saloni 06 show in milan. would love to see these.

(via charles and marie).

Jan Halvarson


Morgana said...

My english is not very good, but I will try... What a beautiful sofa!!! I would love to have one like this, but there is no space in my house and I think there is no enough money in my pocket ;-)

Morgana said...

I have seen the Tord Boontje website, and his paper lamps are very similar to ones I saw last month in a shop near my house. I love them!!! You can clik here to see them ;-)
Thanks for helping me discover Tord Boontje´s designs!!!