paint chip wallets anyone?

don't you just love these paint chip wallets? how do people think of these things? like they say on tthe little paper airplanes site, they must take forever to make. $25.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

i have one, actually.

the card slots work fine, but the large slot to place dollar bills is way too tight. you spend ten minutes trying to jam your money into the over-sewn corners before giving up & shoving them, crumpled, into your pocket. it got so frustrating i emailed the maker, but she just said that as it wears out it'll get softer & easier - that it's a design feature, basically.

now it's close to worn out (2.5 yrs later) & i still can't get the bills in there.

it looks cool & i get asked about it all the time, but i'd never buy one again.

if you want to try it yourself for free, there's a tute on craftster
(one of several: )

lisa solomon said...

they do look cool.... i'm swayed by the whole paint chip thing.....

andrea said...

so many great things you can do with paint chips! but this has got to be the coolest. love this.