go hotels go!

it's funny or perhaps serendipitous, but i had read an article on some more hotels that had followed the artist designed rooms idea like hotel fox in denmark but here in canada in the april 2006 elle canada magazine and was just about going to post it, when my friend alex emails me and says she thinks i should check out hotel fox. she said she thought room 414 would suit me perfectly.

so two new hotels to be added to this list are in toronto, the gladstone hotel transformed by local talent. my favorites being 304 and i think i would have the best rest in 411.

and the dominion hotel in vancouver designed by emily carr institute of art and design grads along with street artists. liking rooms 116 and 207

and apparantly there is one in berlin too called kuenstlerheim-luise (above photo). rooms 300 and 304 are my favorites.

and alex if you're reading this, i think i would reserve room 509 for you (at the fox)!

and everyone else reading this, indulge me please, i'd love to know your faves!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

jan, you rock (as always!). room 509 is my fav - mythology & the colour blue - i would have the sweetest dreams there.


Anonymous said...

oooh, that is SO cool!

lisa solomon said...

in the fox i like 404, 115 and 208 [yes i'm psychtzo]

at the gladstone i'm with you on the 411

at the dominion - 207 looks cool, but i want to see the whole room!!

at the kuenstlerheim... loving 411, 307

now if only i could afford to go?!?!?

Anonymous said...

at the gladstone, definitely room 412 for me - love the tree imagery and the passing seasons. =)
welcome back - love the new look about here!

trudesign said...

This is awesome, I just found your blog today, very cool.


I like room 202 from the berlin hotel.

For fox hotel, I have too many favorites: 510, 502, 506, 307, 302. :)

hey, you've just launched your blog buttons! Congratulations! that's a real cool idea!

Jan Halvarson said...

so fun to see your guyses picks!

alex - so glad you agreed!

joy - it is isn't it!

lisa -if you are psychtzo, i'm double-psychtzo! love your picks though; and yes, now to only check these places out!

ky - i totally agree with you - i can see that it suits you!

truedesign - thank you thank you - cool to see you here!

imedagoze - so fun! and i can relate with the fox hotel - so many - to love! and thanks about the buttons!

andrea said...

I'm dreaming of staying in these rooms: 205, 121, 208, 308, 502, 202

jan, this is great!