doilie crazy

everythings coming up doilies, (or at least it seems i'm seeing them everywhere).

like these beach bags; and pillows from ikea. happy flower earings from fred flare. and we can't forget the stunning wall works installation by lisa.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

lovely finds!!! eva has the blue ikea beach bag - very handy, we´ve already used it a couple of times ;)


yup, you're right. Doilies are everywhere now. :) Not sure, if we have these here.. Hm, gotta check it out.

lisa solomon said...

tempting, why yes!

i didn't realize i was part of a bigger scheme of things :D

andrea said...

well, you know how I feel about lisa's installation... :) based on the love for that, I'd have to go with the pink one. love!