ch - ch - ch - chairs

there is something about chairs that are placed outside, purposely or not. i've always liked the oddity. here's my contribution.

and a few others:

50 sad chairs - abandonded, discarded and/or sad chairs. a collection of 50.
50 sad chairs (the flickr site).

clusters of chairs. chairs, chairs, chairs.

and one of my favorites here.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Cool. If you like I can lend you Brenda Coultas' poetic work "The Bowery Project" which is obsessed with abandoned furniture, and public/private transgressions, it's good.

lisa solomon said...

we are of the same mind so often it's eerie.... great links!

andrea said...

jan, I love this photo you've taken... and the idea of chairs placed randomly outside. and wowwowwow, that fave of yours, 'italian chairs'? love.

Anonymous said...

Those chairs are so sad they make me want to cry.