you are beautiful

you are beautiful, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

i like finding little surprise stickers like this around the city. reminds me of a post from true nature. love that idea.

it seems blogger is having a few issues today, having problems posting images. so i bring you this from my account at flickr.

a few links then:

a look at some ferris wheels around the world. (via enroute magazine). may favorite is the daikanransha ferris wheel in tokyo which attracts onlookers with its coloured light show which changes with the seasons.

and like oh joy says, i'm liking the font from martha stewart's newest magazine, blueprint. it reminds me of cowboy pajamas for some reason. i also like the name.

and a fun blog dedicated to everything cupcakes, called 52 cupcakes

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

serindipty... just reading about feris wheels in the book!! :)

Anonymous said...

what a "beautiful" mesage to find! ;)

Anonymous said...

there's one out my way that is black with white writing that says "love heals" - it's on mail boxes, lightposts etc. i always see them when i need a pick me up & they always makes me smile.


andrea said...

leave it to martha... just signed up to be sent the free preview premier 'blueprint' issue. will miss ms kids, though. *sniff*

and how could you not love a blog about cupcakes? too good, my friend.

Jan Halvarson said...

i'm following you andrea! and i am such a cupcake freak.