things happening

for years i've always wanted to attend the south by southwest conference which is on this week. seeing up and coming bands in a city of music has always been a magnet for me. and with the interactive added to it, so fun! and this year one of my canadian heroes, neil young as a keynote speaker would've been amazing to see. but back in reality-ville i go; getting the most i can online.

the 9th annual web award winners have been announced. so happy for the aiga design archive who was the winner in the art category.

the 2006 bloggies were given out as well. and i'm sure like last year, there will be a few that will become a daily visit for me.

one thing i found interesting while reading the sxsw blog, was an organization called refresh which is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical and professional culture of new media endeavors in their areas. promoting design, technology, usability and standards. need one in vancouver!

also on a side note, fun to see some canadian designs at the toronto fashion week being held this week.

oh to be a jet setter!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...
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Jan Halvarson said...

joy - cool!