sunday links

love this toaster!, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

can't resist this pop art toaster from target - (via shellterrific), the new blog on the block (x-budget living people).

free stickers, graffiti font,wallpapers and snowboard/skateboard templates if you want to design a board. all from

hydro 74 - design for hire with blog - design online tutorials with videos if you're in the mood to learn

and i'm loving these fabric postcards, and would love them as wallpaper too. from vigo cards. there's so many great colors check them out online.

karin's sustainable carnival outfit

thimble's so fun buttons

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

lovely links for some monday browsing ;)

lisa solomon said...

how am i supposed to have time to check all this out? :D

Jan Halvarson said...

maditi - happy browsing
lisa - ; )

andrea said...

oh target! I cannot go in that store without buying something I don't need. this toaster is deliciously fun.

love the graffiti font and the link to shellterrific!

Jan Halvarson said...

i want that toaster really badly!