pb blue + green

passing by but not going into pottery barn the other day, i noticed some interesting pillows through the window, and had to take a closer look on their website. noticed lots of blues and greens or maybe i was just open to those. whatever the case, loved them alone and together.

embroidered pillows, note the small pom-pom details on the corners - so sweet.
egg shaped plates and egg cups
hand-glazed earthenware
duvet set, such a beautiful blue.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

sigh.... will my love of housewares ever subside??

i LOVE blue and green together [as if you didn't already notice!]

Jan Halvarson said...

why was i taught, blue and green should never be seen, except in a washing machine?

andrea said...

funny, I did the same thing last week walking past PB at the mall... my eyes were drawn to blue pillows! I absolutely love blues and greens together... this is the current color scheme in my living room! must post pics soon.

Jan Halvarson said...

oh andrea - please do i'd love to see!

Anonymous said...

last spring PB offered that bedding in shower curtains and snagged one. I adore it, it makes me so figgin' happy. chekc it out on my flickr:


Anonymous said...

It's so pink and blue, I love it!