nebo peklo

so thrilled! today i received my swap from natalie! even more beautiful in real life! such a beautiful print; i can hardly wait to frame it. and she snuck some mini prints in too (much to my surprise!) thank you so much natalie - (my package for you is being collected to send soon)! you have to see her shop here (really really beautiful!)

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

oh glad it arrived safely!

did it manage it across the word in one piece? That was the first time i used the cardboard envelopes and was worried they would crumple eventually...

Happy you like it!...Thanks again

N x

andrea said...

I'm envious! what a gorgeous piece... love it!

I'm all about swaps lately... (ha, if I could just get some of mine mailed now)... :)

lisa solomon said...

isn't natalie the best??? love love love... lucky you!!

Jan Halvarson said...

natalie - it was wrapped so well - the envelope was so strong - it arrived perfect! so excited, thanks again!

andrea - you and me both.

lisa - i am lucky!