fred flare at home

i just can't get down and serious this week it seems in the home decor department and fred flare is about all i can manage. seems to keep it fresh and new is hard out there in blogland and i don't want to reblog a reblog. anyway, so fred flare has come to the resuce and i did find some steal deals!

how 'bout a cuckoo clock that chirps one of 12 songs or can chime on the hour. songs include für elise, oh susanna, home sweet home & more. chromed pvc. and only $14 u.s. folks!

and get a load of these daisy grass mats! oh they are so in need over here. well we have the green grass, but NOT THE DAISIES! daisies, daisies, send the daisies! (sounding a little water-logged am i?)

is this not the best apron? come on you crafty girls you have to start making these! the teacups are the pockets! i like the cut of it too. seems like it would stay up better. $24 u.s. (if anyone does make one of these or something as cute - let me know and i'll post it !)

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

OMG - i have the daisy grass matts w/out the daisies... i use them as placemats on my dining room table... i might have to get some daisy ones to go with.... :D

Jan Halvarson said...

hey lisa - i saw that on your flickr - LOVED it!


hey, another cool cuckoo!

Ooh, I'd love to have that daisy grass mats on my balcony, and tell everyone that I have a garden in my tiny home. :P

Jan Halvarson said...

imedagoze - i thought of you when i saw that clock. you and me would love to have the same things i think!

andrea said...

spring always has me wanting to freshen things up around the house, move things around, switch it up. I can think of no better place to shop than fred flare! it's dangerous because I start looking and can't stop until I've looked at EVERY LAST THING.

love that daisy mat.

Jan Halvarson said...

it would be so fun to switch things up with you andrea! i can see it now - dancing around, grooving to some hip hop, pushing furniture, how how fab! :)