forgotten places

i always forget about habitat and was nicely reminded today by imedagoze. with that it reminded me of other spots i used to visit and had bookmarked long ago, that i hadn't been to in a while, but are a nice place to visit.

creem magazine covers - buried nuggets of cover designs of this music zine.
scene from my life - a different photo a day from a different photographer each week
airstream trailers - links galore about airstreams (i want one in the backyard i don't have).
tiki links - purveryors of polynesian pop culture

photo taken by me last week in a place that seems forgotten.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

i was just thinking about the gazillion bookmarks that i don't visit any more.... and there are some good ones.... fab idea... looking forward to perusing the linkage! xo

Jan Halvarson said...

aw lisa - i'd love to hook up with your bookmarks - hope you enjoy some of these.

Anonymous said...

Hello, wonderful links to follow!

andrea said...

ah, such great links. love the 'scene from my life'. also would love to see north america from an airstream trailer... wouldn't you?

ward's going to love the tiki links.

Jan Halvarson said...

louise - thanks for stopping by and commenting - so cool!

andrea - scene from my life is a great one, and yes i would love to do the north america tour in an airstream!