sunday link up

some fun links to browse:

alphabet club
thoughts from a laundromat

image uploaded by flickrite, chris::b

the dark's first street stencil in ages
a recent visit to vancouver
shoobydoo illos
wall works set by lisa solomon

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

i love the yellow tones in this pic. awesome.

meggiecat said...

I'm wild for Lisa Solomon's painted crochet.

Jan Halvarson said...

it is a great shot degan!

meggiecat - i know it is so very cool

andrea said...

oh what fun! totally digging the goldtop and alphabet club link. the wall works set by lisa s... don't even get me started! I love that so much it hurts.

and the laundromat flickr group got me thinking about a wonderful photo that jon madison took a while back (that would be the husband of lovely joy of scrapalicious fame)... check it:

fabulous laundromat photo

Jan Halvarson said...

andrea - you know i hear you! especially about lisa's stuff. and thanks for jon's laundromat link - unfortunately it's private, so i can't see it though.