more things she loves

well here it is, joy's heart garland she said she was going to do! love the paisley! oh man i better hurry up with my heart tree! anyone else that has a heart tree or garland, leave a comment and i'll post and spread "the love"! (you can see more of her hearts at her flickr).

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

How wonderful. Just the thing to celebrate love!

andrea said...

oh yes, this is so sweet. would've loved to have had the time to do a garland for our mantle as well. I *heart* this! (ha, get it? I *heart* this... ha, hearts... okay, lame. I know. couldn't resist, though!)... anyway, maybe I'll get to it next year. here's to hoping!

joy, I'm loving your stone fireplace and the objects that are rocking your mantle... nice.