swanky sign

still in knoxville, i am (online anyway). i must visit this place. anyhoo, just stumbled upon this crazy-hip sign from a motel there on swankpad. love it! need to find out that font! reminds me of a crest on a school jacket.

here's the closest font i could find, called aptly, motor inn from identifont.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

goodness gracious i love your new banner!!!

lisa solomon said...

great sign!

Jan Halvarson said...

ky - thanks fellow banner maker!

lisa - don't you just want one on your clothing or something?

joy - i love driving down your way with all the eye candy along the i-5 !

Anonymous said...

This font is pretty close:

Jan Halvarson said...

mia - that is a much better one thanks!

andrea said...

fab signage...! every once in a while we stumble onto one of these old signs... a few survive. such a treasure when you spot a real one too.