lemon drops and sock monkeys

so our favorite glassmaker, izik levy is sporting some new glassware these days and i'm dropping my jaw over these lemon bowls. imagine some lemon something in them. like lemon pudding; lemon mousse, lemon drops. this color is so pleasant this time of year.

and i see he has some new sock monkeys; as cute as his robots.

and not to forget this laminated sheet glass and mirror. beautiful!

Jan Halvarson


Katie said...

wow! those lemon bowls are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! i love how each one is a slightly different shape and shade.

Jan Halvarson said...

i know, i know!!


hi jan:

you have so many wonderful links here. I'll be back!

happy new year, btw.

andrea said...

those lemon bowls look good enough to eat! or lick.

I collect sock monkeys for ezra so of course, I love these little glass ones here. I wonder if they are pricey?

Anonymous said...

oh those lemon bowls look like sweets!

and i love the glass object