get crafty

some finds from the get crafty pool at flickr.

a lovely felt brooch by feisty elle out of oakland, california.

Yellow Miya brooch, originally uploaded by Feisty Elle.

a pumpkin bear by roxycraft from pasadena, california.

this lush green cable bag by frenchie b from california.

this circular needlecase by spiltyarn from austin, texas.

and a postcard by annika sandin from sweden.

Jan Halvarson


Jennifer Perkins said...

oooh cute crafty stuff! hooray for the austin shout out. love the felt brooch, love the blue coat it is on too.

Anonymous said...

love the felt brooch! lovely finds!!

andrea said...

oh my, I love that felt brooch... so divine against that turquoise coat too!

oh, and the postcard by annika sandin... love.

kath red said...

oooh lots of lovelyness