thomas paul keeps pulling at my purse and heart strings, man, and now i'm doubling over with this dwellings collection. bungalows are the shiz!

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

gulp. yum!

JustMe said...

HOT pillows! And I love that neo baroque look that you posted about last. You have fabulous taste!

I (think) last October, when Ward (of Ward-O-Matic) did a post on me entitled "Justin", and linked to my illustration website, you were one of the first to compliment it. I want to say thanks. I wanted to let you know that. Plus, your blog, which has so much goodness on it, is so cool. We have similar taste, and we both LOVE ward and Andrea!

Anonymous said...

super cool!
i love those dingbats way below! great find!

meridith said...

nice! i want to move into one of those houses on those pillows

Jan Halvarson said...

lisa - yay!

justin - so cool to see you here! thanks (about my taste - ha!) and yeah the jenkins - are the best!

tania - nice to see you here too!

meredith - you and me both!