touchdown drawings

"canadian installation artist, micah lexier makes touch down drawings in the last few seconds of every flight she takes. each drawing is created just at the moment before, during and after landing. she makes the drawing by turning herself into a human seismograph. they are then enlarged and laser cut out of steel into large sculptures. the touch down series is an attempt to capture the passage of time. (as noted in december's enroute magazine). micah continues, "our lives are one continuous flow of events and experiences, and it is important to occasionally stop and take measure of things. that is why we employ time increments (hours, days, years) and other milestones (like birthdays) that help us notice and evaluate our passage. the event of touching ground marks both a specific moment in time and the transition from one state to another. each moment in our lives is equal to the next; it is just that some are more poetic than others." (excerpt taken from enroute magazine). here are a few of her other installations:

self portrait

all numbers are equal

david, then and now

she is represented by jack shainman gallery in new york.

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

very cool. love the idea behind the touchdown drawings... so many people out there continue to inspire me with their creativity, I swear.

Jan Halvarson said...

me too! it's never-ending!

HRH-DMK said...

Micah Lexier is a 'he', not a 'she'. A Toronto artist, very original.