teaspoons and drains

i keep on seeing all these silicone-made inventions. and most of them are pretty innovative. and this teaspoon from zanif is another. just fill the spoon with tea leaves, close it up and drop it into your hot water to seep. because it's that new fandangled silicone it can stand heat up to 250 degrees celcius. about 500 farenheit?

and then these drain stoppers are just too crazy. had to post them. saw both of these at a kiosk called bale living at oakridge last night.

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

those teaspoons are FANTASTIC... I know a tea-lover who would flip over these...

Anonymous said...

those teaspoons are great! have you seen the ones from gamil? they are similar idea, but in stainless steel.

love all these new inventions & ideas!