re-modern, a design retailer based out of san francisco with a belief that design makes life better; has some fun stuff that fulfills that philosophy. only since i've started this blog have i really realized this concept completely. design inspires, brings hope, makes us move, shakes things up and makes us strive to be better. i constantly am looking to improve. with that in mind some products from this retailer that have inspired me:

some unbelievable colored bamboo bowls

amazing felt brooches! have i said how much i like felt?

these cards. simple designs but so effective.

and some lovely festive pillows!

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

and already you are back with FANTASTIC links... how do you do it?

love all of this. but particularly feeling the felt brooches and the pillows, I think.

Jan Halvarson said...

just crazy i think