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as an inspiration seeker, i often look to the big exciting places, like new york, san francisco or some far away place like japan for design that strikes my inner chord and excites me. and i tend to forget to check right it my back yard for what surrounds me here. i was lucky enough to find vancouver designer, jane michna and couldn't help but love her designs and sense of style. not only with her graphic design but with her photography as well. so i asked her a while back if she would mind doing a blog interview which i was so thrilled she agreed to. she was working on a new site at the time, so we've been waiting for that to be complete. so now that it is, i am pleased to share my interview with you.

1. To start off, you really do beautiful work. Where do you look initially for inspiration when starting a project?

Thank you! I think inspiration is at the core of every great thing. I always begin with a big field trip. I go outside, visit shops, markets, anywhere that will saturate my senses. In my journal, I record thoughts and images that draw my attention but are seemingly disparate, like a mirrored boudoir, a white boot, a leaf, a poem, a slice of carrot cake.

2. Who are your design hero's and why?

I am very inspired by Bruce Mau. He stands for collaboration, experimentation, ideas, laughing and living large. His Incomplete Manifesto sums it up brilliantly: (click here to read).

3. What is your favorite part of the design process?

The moment when the mess of stuff is suddenly aligned into a solid concept. When I see a direction that I am excited about.

4. I see you dabble in photography as well including medium format. What types of cameras do you use?

I have a Pentax S1a (which belonged to my Dad), a Yashica Mat (which I have been borrowing and loving an awful lot), a Holga (fun and full of surprises), and a little digital Nikon 5900 (to throw in my pocket). I would like a pack film polaroid next.

5. Where do you think design is going? ( A tough question, but I think I mean, what trends do you see?)

I agree this is tough because design is so multifaceted and has a way of resisting definition. But in general, the trends seem to be embracing embellished, handmade, clusters of stuff. It is very visual. I am loving all the illustration. I figure in the future it will either get crazier, less careful, more all-over... or it will fall back into the hands of minimalism. I often would like to see more thought put into concept and story; more integrity and depth, less tricks.

6. Where do you see yourself with respect to design in say, 10 years?

My own studio, fabulous clients and collaborations, a thought-provoking portfolio... knock on wood!

7. Thank you Jane! I'm sure those things will happen!

You can also check out Jane's flickr site also filled with visual goodness!

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

blown away by her flickr sets...! thanks for the exposure, jan. amd yes, isn't it funny how we are often looking to other cities far away to find inspiration...? and there it is, in our own backyard.

Jan Halvarson said...

so true!