a font system for young readers

an article posted at aiga's blog about the significance of a font system for young readers. a big problem for early readers is the identification of letters. in addition to being dissimilar across the upper and lowercases, some of the letters mirror each other. the fact that a single letter can be mistaken for another letter depending upon the font is a serious problem that will continue to compromise literacy development among english-speaking early readers. something to consider being a designer as well as a parent.

Jan Halvarson

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andrea said...

ava is in the thick of learning her letters, learning to read. it can be quite confusing to them, all the different font styles... because they are also trying to learn about capital vs. lower-case and when to use what. and when I write something down for her, I have to be very careful with the way I write it (so as not to confuse her)... so yes, this is a very important matter... definitely worth a closer look.