first day of winter

every winter solstice the secret lantern society puts on a celebration of the return of the sun with a glowing constellation of lanterns shining in six vancouver neighbourhoods. honouring many cultural traditions, the winter solstice lantern festival illuminates the longest night of the year with lanterns, fire, singing, drumming, live music, dancing - and skating! some beautiful lanterns are made at secret workshops prior to the big night. (unfortunately i couldn't find a great link on "how to make these lanterns" - seems very secretive; but if anyone has one let me know and i'll update this - thanks!)

click here to watch the lantern festival. there will also be a labyrinth of 600 lights lit in yaletown tonight.

if you'll click on this flickr photoset you will see why this festival is so popular here. we have quite a few dark wintery days and this day means the sun is coming back soon.

happy solstice everyone!

Jan Halvarson

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andrea said...

I bet this is an AMAZING thing to witness...!