best of "oh five" list

i love looking back at highlights of the past year; my accomplishments and others; and thought it would be fun to look back at my first year of blogging and pick out the highlights i have come upon while exploring this online world. the fun stuff, posts, favorite crafts, cards, illustrations, anything design and art related (not only visual).

so here they are (a bit of a long list ; but all worth mentioning). what fun this was to collect and so inspirational all of these: so without further a due... poppy's best of '05.

hostess sushi cakes by not martha
hulaseventy's lovely collages
this graffiti by ward-o-matic as well as his mural
this window display of paper cakes
travelling journal project
testemobili graphic design
misprinted type graphic design
ana ventura's paper dolls
rosa's dolls
cape arcona fonts
deadly squire skateboards and journals and oven mitts
ill designers
kim's suitcase collages
this picture by ivonne
kit house
wallpaper from absolute zero
post on malaise by petite anglais
female merit badges
this photo by bluejake
cul de sac design
mia's wall dolls
tower/flower by nebopeklo
ba photo collection by be a design group
margaret kilgallen's art
this room by mav
this mud oven by red current
dreamy's art journal by rhonna
my flickr fave quilt
self-portrait tuesday and it's founder and crafter/photographer/mixed media artist, red current
help new orleans mural taken by bluejake
izik levy's robots
ky's art journal
nothing something
jo tyler's collages
the dark's street pieces
lyrical's beautiful photos
obey stencils and design
have to mention holga
clint griffin (art)
mymy's paper explosion cards and other goodies
mac premo's collages
blim gallery
nice wallpaper
sonja ahlers and her installation at blim
luren's wall hangings
port2port press
karin bubas photography
hillman curtis's pentagram video
tood boontje's midsummer light
jane michna's design
the blog concept of muse to muse

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

WOWZERS - what an undertaking! i am quite honored to be on the list. =)

andrea said...

wow! what a list. completely honored to be a part of it, too. I have had the best time discovering all these wonderful people, places and things with you/through you... you have definitely sparked my creativity so many times through all the fantastic resources you provide on a daily basis. you're at the top of my oh-five list!

Jan Halvarson said...

ky - you deserve to be there!

andrea - as do you (deserve to be there) - and i have to thank you for also discovering these with me - it would have been awfully lonely without your input! and your thoughtful comments have not gone unnoticed - you have been amazing really, checking out each link - even though we have never met, i can tell you are a loyal, thoughtful, fun and crazy kind a gal! and i'm so honoured to have met you through all this.

Anonymous said...

great list and lovely inspiration for the New Year :)

Anonymous said...

lovely post, will spend some time flicking through your likes of 2005

...and thanks! flattered to be on the list!

Anonymous said...

great list! thanks for more wonderful things to check out!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness .......... i will get back to this list when i have more time but i'm honored to be on it. holy cow. hugs in 2006! mav

kath red said...

amazing list - am going through it now