sonja ahlers

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i lucked out in two ways yesterday. i signed up for an exciting gocco workshop at the blim gallery (which i'm going to post about soon) and while there, was mesmerized by an installation by vancouver artist, sonja ahlers. and sonja herself was there also taking the gocco workshop.

i first saw her work (and didn't realize it) exhibited at the moleskin exhibit out of japan (online). and then seeing her installation, was so inspiring. it was like looking into an intimate journal (on a wall). the horse mural with a canvas incorporated within and it's verse was like opening one of the pages.

the tree adjacent (above), a weeping one, although weeping, still had a playful, whimsical style . it could have been the other page of her journal; if intended i'm not sure.

a refreshing installation in a cool space. loved the gallery and gracious director, yurko iga too.

it was a fun workshop with lots of fun things to tell about soon. was just a nice bonus to see this type of work and gallery in town. thanks sonja for your inspiration. you can see more gallery images on my flickr site.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

great inspiration...looking forward to hear about the gocco workshop

andrea said...

what fantastic luck! don't you just love it when things come together like that? love her work and the idea of transcribing intimate journal thoughts and drawings onto a large blank wall. looks like it was amazing! so glad you got to experience this... (and then share it with us!)...

Jan Halvarson said...

was luck - and i can hardly wait to share the gocco thing. just way too much fun!