karin bubas

vancouver born photographer and emily carr graduate, karin bubas has exhibited nationally and internationally, most notably in montreal, washington d.c., seattle and brussels. exhibitions include about time at the canadian embassy in washington dc, ivy house at the monte clark galleries in toronto and vancouver, and the power of reflection at the saidye bronfman centre for the arts in montreal. most recently her work has been exhibited in real pictures at the vancouver art gallery.

she is also the featured artist on canadian retailer's aritzia website (just click on culture). bubas’s photographs take as their subject matter the found installations of everyday life. truly anthropological, the images show how people choose to live and make space their own. the photographs are devoid of people, yet they can be considered portraits in that they reveal intimate details about their subjects. by telling the story after-the-fact, bubas is able to to examine the remnants of life being lived.

i was lucky enough to do an impromptu mini e-mail interview with karin and here's how it went:

(P) I see you're a grad from Emily Carr, what did you study there?

(K) I studied photography and graduated with a diploma in 1998.

(P) What type of equipment do you use.

(K) Mostly natural light and a Hasselblad.

(P) In particular, I love your night studies - what type of lighting did you use?

(K) The Exterior Studies were done with long exposures (about 5 minutes) and a hand held flashlight that I moved around the area to illuminate the subject matter.

(P) About your subjects. In the case of the Florence and George series, how did you happen upon this time capsule of a home?

(K) These are photographs taken of my grandparents home in Kelowna.

i am so inspired by this images and especially taken by the exterior studies at night. I love her use of light, color and texture. you have to go see it!

karin bubas is represented by the monte clark gallery.

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

so beautiful. yes, jan- the exterior studies at night... just stunning. wow, and the florence and george series...!!! love her work.

Ward Jenkins said...

I'm digging that blue chair/stool thingy.