i look at this photo from vintage wooden surfboards as a reference to style and what i'm gravitating towards with respect to colors, textures and influences. the basic high varnished but weathered woods, the turquoises, mellow yellows and olive greens say alot to me right now. i'm also leaning towards red numbers and/or letters with a cream colored background and i think i've said this before vintage sports figures, boxers, swimmers, and collegiate team photos. this is where i'm at. with that in mind, i'd love to hear what's inspiring you with respect to design.

Jan Halvarson


mommy zabs said...

That is a really pleasent color pallate. nice.

Anonymous said...

I loved the circle craft fair - without your suggestion i never would have gone. thanks j. what inspires me? check out this artist from port townsend, washington. the pictures do not do justice to his work.


Anonymous said...

Straight out of the '60s. Super cool.

andrea said...

the colors here, so lovely. and can be found all over my house (especially the turquoise). and it's funny you mention the red numbers/letters against creme background as I seem to be strongly drawn to those as well. in addition: vintage floral/flower power/wallpaper-like designs in strange and bright colors, ornamental type, odd photos of people with off-center composition. um, and so much more. though I can't seem to think of it all right now.

kath red said...

i love this image too - i am really drawn to these sorts of faded colours and weathered textures. inspiring me lately is tall grasses in shades of blue and olive - i love the australian landscape which is filled with ochre and blue gum leaves.

Jan Halvarson said...

thanks everyone for your input - love it all.
alex - great link! glad you liked the fair! what d'ya buy?
andrea - loving the sound of that wallpaper design, off-center photos too!
kath - the australian landscape is so beautiful - the reds and blues are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I bought a fab shirt from frances felt - it is black with blue fabric patches.
also bought local honey and spices.
so much fun!