shepard fairey + dj shadow

so it turns out the artist who did that "walk the line" stencil/poster i posted about is obey's shepard fairey, streetart pioneer. and i found his website via juxtapoz magazine. looks like fairey and djshadow have collaborated together to make a limited edition clothing and music box set. (see below image).

i also am digging this revolutionary women print. a new series of large format prints featuring four women of revolution which recently premiered at the mk gallery in los angeles. each print is a limited edition of 50, signed and numbered, at $400 each.

the box set was recently showcased at kid robot in l.a. where i found this groovy wallpaper to download.

and the obey website has some free stickers to download too - for your stenciling pleasure. please read this useful warning if you're at all considering using stencils in public. i think some of this stenciling could really work on a piece of wood for indoor art.

Jan Halvarson


mommy zabs said...

First off. I LOVE THE CAMO ROBOT! that is such a truely cool print.
Also that revolutionary woman print made me think of obey because it is so similiar to the style shepherd uses. then i scroll down and saw you had obey there. FUNNY :)!
sorry i haven't commented as much, i have been so busy!
but i do keep trying to check in :)

Jan Halvarson said...

hey elizabeth - i know i wish i had a tshirt in that print. thanks for stopping by.

andrea said...

OMG, ward is just the biggest fan of dj shadow so this definitely got my attention. he said he knew about this (of course!)... anyway, so very cool.

Jan Halvarson said...

i just had the strangest deja vu just now that i read that before - how strange. blog deja vu's.