links for inspiration

global graphica has an interesting photo of a wall at bloomingdale's soho. this is such a great idea for a wall treatment if you are short on funds and want something different yet artful. it's the ripped paper and the clear tacks.

and jo tyler has some nice collages to view. (via nebopeklo).

also some album cover art from the punk/new wave era or browse by artist.

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

okay, so much to say:

first of all, I am running out of words to use to describe all the things that I love that you share here. I fear I am starting to sound like a broken record. that being said, I LOVE jo tyler's work. I just might have a favorite new collage artist! her use of color, composition, drawing, vintage ephemera... so fresh and modern and I just love it. I am totally inspired. thanks SO MUCH for sharing her work here. without you, I would not have known about her!

secondly, I love that wall of polaroid transfers that was posted on global graphica... back in 2002, ward and I were in new york and we ran into a street photographer who was taking 'portraits' of people using an old polaroid camera and the transfer method. they were beautiful and relatively unexpensive, so we had one done. a year or so later, we saw this same photographer profiled in a design mag...! and these photos look strangely similar to her work... or maybe this process just produces photos that look like this...? anyway, I must show you that photo! will probably eventually post it on my blog or something (though I have never really liked the actual photo of myself, it is still a really cool photo)... and it just occurs to me that maybe I should've sent all this to you in an email. I got going and couldn't stop, tee hee.

andrea said...
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