We Want Our Holga Now

even if you're just half interested you have to visit the lomography site at least once. as it is one of the most well-thought out, organized and interesting websites we've ever come across. because we want one of these retro cameras so bad we visit it often, wondering what other little accessory they may have come up with to add to our imaginary collection. not that they are a lot of money, just one of those silly things that we really don't need but are desperate to have. it's the combination of soft focus, vignetting, multiple exposures and light leaks that brings such a sense of mood and atmosphere to each image.

we truly dig the 35 mm (above) effect (click on techniques). a little tricky but worth a go. the world browser is such a cool idea of image submissions with a required format ranging from hipshots to window shots. so well thought out; so fun; so much wanted!

Jan Halvarson


J said...

yay i agree toy cameras are the best (i love my holga!)... check out this fun site: http://www.meltingpop.it/holga/index.htm

Jan Halvarson said...

i was just there a half hour ago - how coincidental! i hope to feature it here soon.

andrea said...

I want a holga!!!