design public

found design public this weekend (via ohjoy) and i'm thinking about a few things i saw. i think some of you crafty girls should be looking at this grid wall pocket. i'm so in love with the grey felt and i think it wouldn't be that hard to make. (ha - listen to me; the one who can't make too well).

and these pillows on these chairs - wish i had a long hall for this installation.

and for a corkboard, this notneutral corkboard is almost being ordered as we speak.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the mention! isn't design public great? your blog is the found design stuff! great visuals!

zelia said...

lovely stuff! I love that felt organizer...hmmm...I think some people might be getting handmade felt organizers from me as gifts this year.

tina said...

very cool stuff!
i like the corkboard, going to check what else they have now.

andrea said...

oh, I wish I could sew. my mom always wanted me to learn but I always put it off and now... I really wish I hadn't! I would love to make that grey felt organizer. I am obsessed with organizing my supplies and often spend more time organizing than creating, ha.