travel ephemera

some travel ephemera featuring some excellent graphic design from the 1920's and 30's. stuff that would definitely stand up against works today. and to think there were no computers back then (amazing). the first one (above) is a luggage label for "imperial airways - the british air line," circa 1928.

travel brochure "tours to the ussr 1932."  published by intourist. signed "a. salensky '31."

travel booklet "rhodes - the island of roses," 1938. designed by pizzi & pizio - milano-roma. published by the ent nazionale industrie turistische (enit - italian state turist department) and the ferrovie dello stato (italian state railway).

Jan Halvarson


Nick Sung said...

That's amazing stuff! Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...


andrea said...

oh, so great. I think vintage luggage labels are AMAZING... the design, the colors... I run across originals every once in awhile at the fleamarket, but they're sort of hard to come by. don't you wish they still had luggage labels like that? why don't they?

Rhonna said...

WOW, THIS IS SOOO COOL! I love to see
the things you 'dig'...
looking forward to this glad I found it! ;)