floor stencils

following on my stencil post, a little paint and the right stencil can do some amazing things for your floor as shown here from domino magazine.

floor stencils from the stencil library have an amazing selection from their japanese range.

Jan Halvarson


mommy zabs said...

That is really really cool.
Hey- how come you change your banner all the time? Do you just like variety or are you always unhappy with what is up and want to change it? Just curiuos :)

Jan Halvarson said...

visually i like change and i think it's fun oddly enough.

andrea said...

I have always loved painted floors. wish I had the freedom to experiment with my own... I am especially liking the top black/white/grey pattern.

Jan Halvarson said...

andrea - it would be fun to paint oneself into a corner. i too would love to paint mine....

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