lomo-ize it!


i found a quick and easy way to lomo-ize a photo if you're looking for that effect. in photoshop cs take any color photo, and blur it up a bit by going into the filters and selecting blur, then lens blur. set the radius to about 10 or 11. then hop over to image, select adjustments and choose photo filter. use the underwater filter and crank it to about 70%. voila ala lomo!


Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

GREAT idea... how did you discover this? just by playing around? what a fabulous effect. I really would love to have a lomo, too. it's kinda way down the list, but would be so fun to have and play around with... until then, at least I've got your trick to try out!

Jan Halvarson said...

yeah - just by tweaking away. i am still trying to make it more faded in the center but this is a quick way anyway for now. if i figure out more i'll let you know if you're interested.