canadian house + home

it's funny i had to go to apartment therapy to be reminded of this most fabulous canadian magazine. actually, out of all the home/design magazines, this is one of the better ones. full of excellent ideas and articles. it's online version is also quite resourceful with workshops, design lessons and recipes. september's issue features small spaces and is always a favorite with me.

a few other canadian decor magazines:
style at home - home decor
canadian living - lifestyle/food/crafts
western living - west coast oriented - home/decor/travel/food
decor mag - french language - home/garden

make your own magazine cover with flickr magazine and see their crazy group.

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

funny how we tend to overlook things that seem to be right in our backyard... I tend to do that with local dance companies. always wishing for other companies to visit when there are wonderful ones right under my nose that so truly need my support!

as for that flickr magazine group... well, that is just AWESOME. can't wait to play around with that! jan, you amaze me! how do you find everything?

Jan Halvarson said...

you and me both andrea - got to keep this hometown in mind....

how do i find everything? contacts darlingk, contacts... you know, it's all that late night surfing...when i should be sleeping or better than that crafting my skills - but i keep getting lazy...and end up just searching for inspo!

andrea said...

I can't tell you how many times I have been on this computer in the wee hours of the morning and thought, "what am I doing? I should be working on a collage or organizing something...!" at least your late night surfing provides goodies for us all.

Anonymous said...

hi jan! just catching up on your posts... great stuff as usual. i have loved this canadian home magazine for so long. it's great to see you loving it as well. thanks for the links!! mav