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NY_04, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

typecon2005 is on in new york this week. topics include typography and design for publications, graffiti and tattoo lettering, blackletter typography, the work of eric gill (beautiful works by the way), design education, calligraphy, and type in motion. what i'm looking forward to is the official typecon flickr pool. hopefully there will be some great shots from that. and for those that are in new york but can't make the 9 to 5 seminars, there's font hunt. a typographic scavenger hunt from the people at fontshop.

on the side - a type foundry from canada. (no freebies - but nice). and here's a link to identifont the real "name that font" identifier. oh - and i saw some free fonts there!

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

yet another reason to love new york. another reason to go!

I'm not officially a designer or anything but I think you are aware of my thing for typography. this sounds really cool...

Jan Halvarson said...

i know you're first love is dancing, but i think you should be one.