window dressing

front, originally uploaded by poppytalk.
there's a consignment clothing store in vancouver called front & co. which always has a wonderful window display. this time it's these intricate beautiful cakes. we were driving by yesterday and i just had to stop to take a picture. i thought they were real and then when i got closer saw that they were all made from paper.

Jan Halvarson


andrea said...

that's CRAZY! I love these. they look amazing.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking it looked like paper covered paper mache box sets that I see at Jo Ann's I was thinking it would collapse but on close observation I can see the shadow of a covered lid on them underneath the paper. It is do-able, but a bit obsessive compulsive.Maybe they were paid real well to do it. Sorry I am from Disneyland area and best friend works at Window display there for 20+ years.

Chelsea Van Tol said...

i love this sooo much :) wish i had one of those cakes