DIY Polka Dot Tealight Holder

Contributor post by Penelope and Pip

I'm all about polka dots at the moment! I've seen them popping up everywhere online - on clothes, shoes, handbags and home decor.

This DIY is a very simple and super thrifty project to bring this trend right on into your very own living room today.

Firstly, some materials from around the house (this is the thrifty part!):


  1. Gold spray paint (you want the super delux 24kt kind!)
  2. Tealight holders (we all have these lying around)
  3. Scissors
  4. Dot stickers
  5. Pencil
  6. Painter's tape

Step 1:

Mask off the bottom of your tealight holder.

Okay, so originally I just whacked the painter's tape on the bottom and tried to cut around with the scissors, but it was really messy and I wanted a nice, pristine line around the edge.

It's much neater if you trace around the tealight holder while it is on top of the painter's tape and then cut it. Nice and neat!

See! Much better.

Step 2:

Now add your stickers where you want them. This may take a bit of trial and error.

Make sure you stick them down nice and firmly.

Eventually, you will have it looking like this!

This really only took me a couple of minutes with a few minor spacing changes.

 Step 3:

Spray your gold paint on. Remember to do it outdoors with a ground sheet and ensure you follow the directions on your spray can, especially the ones about drying times!

I used two coats on mine.

Step 4:

Peel off your little stickers.

TIP: I used a pin to prick the middle of the sticker and then gently life it up.

Now all that's left to do is light it up and enjoy the cuteness of a polka dot tealight holder.

And, as an extra bonus, you'll get a soft polka dot glow when you use it!


Rachael is an illustrator from Brisbane, Australia and is the creator of the whimsical world of Penelope and Pip. You can sneak a peek at her illustrations here and see what other projects and adventures are inspiring her on her blog too.

Jan Halvarson


Niina said...

What a fun DIY idea. I also adore polka dots at the moment!

Erica said...

So sweet and simple. And polka dot shadows?!! Too cute!

Unknown said...

It's so simple, but it looks like it was complicated. I suppose that's the beauty of it. Would love to see it in silver or another color too. Yeah, the peek-a-boo polka dots are great.

lyn said...

this is a really fun idea!

Anonymous said...

You are always so creative, thanks for the great idea.I have some star stickers that would work perfectly with this project.

this is lemonade said...

Great idea for changing up some of the rather plain tealight holders I've kinda grown out of. I also have some old gold spray paint. I wonder if it's still good, hmmmm.... ;-)

Homespun Honey said...

These are so lovely - thanks for a great DIY, will definitely be doing some for a dinner party I have coming up. Love the way the light shines through the dots! x

Becca - Rebecca Atwood Designs said...

Awesome! Great project.

PEACHES said...

this. this my friend, is an awesome idea. Love th the look, but the process of dot labels + spray paint has my wheels going in several directions. Hmmmmm.....