Designer Tea Towels at The Bay

Alanna Cavanagh
Some exciting news coming from The Bay this week who are launching a limited edition series of Canadian Designer Tea Towels with Ulster Weavers Home Fashions.  Arren Williams, Chief Adventurer aka Creative Director of Home Fashions at The Bay gave three designers (Alanna Cavanagh, Bev Hisey and Virginia Johnson) the theme of ‘Spring’, and then had 1,000 of each design printed on linen which is retailing for $14.95 in stores and online. I'm so happy that The Bay is doing this, and word is the next series is already in the works with designs from Tommy Smythe, Pehr Designs and Leanne Shapton (in-stores in September).  The designs are available online - check them out here: Alanna Cavanagh, Bev Hisey and Virginia Johnson.
Bev Hisey

Virginia Johnson

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

That tea towel with the Dachshund is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Adorable!!!

Lady Grey said...

So fun - they're lovely!