Design Sponge Book Tour Backdrop + Visit!

Top photo taken by Denise Lui of Artsy-Dartsy and adorable Dog Cake by Coco Cake

As promised a few pictures from the Design Sponge backdrop we made along with Denise and Linus of Artsy-Dartsy for the Design Sponge Book Tour that happened over the weekend at Anthropologie. It was fun to finally meet sweet Grace after all these years and her amazing sidekick, Amy.  (Thanks to Amy for sneaking me a Design Sponge newspaper which wasn't available here in Canada) upon an impromtu conversation)! Bonus!  If you haven't a chance to check out the book yet,  it's filled with heaps of amazing ideas and how-to's (from interiors to flowers) !  Check it out here!

Denise and Linus of Artsy-Dartsy and Edison & Sprinkles re-designed my initial driftwood backdrop idea which was going to take a tremendous amount of driftwood to make.  They had a fun polygon idea as an alternative - keeping my yarn wrapped idea which last week we gathered some amazing peeps to help make!  A huge thank you to Denise's talented sister Kristin Lui, the equally talented Samantha Wagner of Sam Made and the one that kept us laughing (also very talented), Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp I gathered heaps of driftwood from a great little beach nearby and we wrapped some Design Sponge coloured yarn around them randomly to create the backdrop.  As suggested by Grace and Amy we hope to create a DIY of it for D*S DIY section in the near future! Also a shout-out to Lyndsay of Coco Cake who dropped by with that adorable Dog Cake (see above)! Sweet!

Here's some pics from the evening! 
Design Sponge Book Tour Crafternoon event at Anthropologie

Grace signing her book (see backdrop right) for picture taking!
The backdrop before all the hoopla (with Design Sponge books behind)

Jan Halvarson


Elizabeth@rosalilium said...

looks awesome and I am sure a fun time was had too.

Lady Grey said...

Looks like a great success. I love that backdrop (and those cupcakes look pretty awesome too!).

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Absolutely loved your backdrop Jan! Great to meet you later in the evening too :)

Mandy Behrens said...

So happy to hear it was such a big success -- lovely setting all around! I was wait listed here in Seattle. Cheers!

Brandy said...

Loved your branch inspired photobooth backdrop! I think we might have had a brief chat while I was snapping some photos, but I didn't realize it was you until I was home already. Next time!

Missy said...

Love that pink cake and cuppies. so much fun.

Coco Cake Land said...

Woot! Seriously cool backdrop you guys created, Jan! You could re-create it into smaller mobiles too, or mobile bases!

So glad Pinky the Pup made an appearance too... am also loving my new D*S book.

xo Lyndsay