Vintage Souvenir Tea Towel Quilt for East Africa

Madeleine Sargent, of Made by Mosey is raising money for the sad situation in East Africa by raffling a quilt that she has hand made. You can read all about it here. Not only is this a sweet thing to do, I'm loving the idea of a quilt made from vintage souvenir tea towels - isn't it awesome?  Raffle closes Wednesday August 31. Via Frankie.

Jan Halvarson


Madeleine said...

Thanks so much for your post! So wonderful people are supporting the cause. I feel soooo happy about this!
mads xx
ps. the tea towel quilt was inspired by the amazing crafter Penelope Durston of Cottage Industry. She is totally all over tea towel craft :)

OnePerfectDay said...

It's gorgeous!!
I love it!