Junk Mail Stationery for the Unconsumption Project

This is pretty rad.  Have you heard of Rob Walker's new Unconsumption Project yet?  He asked a select group of artists to create a project re-purposing existing items using his Unconsumption logo - the idea is to essentially create something cool and "new" from something you already own.  Anyway, I came across this fun video from the folks at Yellow Owl Workshop where they created a project to turn junk mail or scrap paper into personal stationery. They also then made a downloadable template for it.  Click here for the details!


Jan Halvarson


b and e said...

Cool! Thanks for keeping me inspired!


From a blog you may enjoy!


Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

Can you imagine how much less landfill there would be if we all did this?! Not to mention how nice it is to get a handwritten letter. I would love to say 'adios' to my keyboard more often.

Molly Block said...

Hi, Jan,

Thanks for sharing this!

--Molly, one of the contributors to the Unconsumption project

P.S. Kirsten's comment here is spot on.

Amy - Thank You Cards Shop said...

loved the video and the idea for the project - both are awesome :)

Rob Walker said...

Wow, this is so exciting -- as a huge fan of poppytalk, going back a number of years now, it's an honor to be mentioned here. We're really excited about "The Uncollection," and there are a number of really great creators to come, so stay tuned.

I'm really chiming in to give credit to Clifton Burt for actually designing our logo, and to all the Unconsumption Tumblr contributors. They are the ones who make it exciting for me to be a co-contributor to one of my favorite blogs!

Anyway, you picked a great project to highlight. Christine blew us away with this....We hope she helps inspire much Unconsuming.

Domestica said...

Am thinking these would be great as Renegade Craft Fair giveaways - hugs to Yellow Owl Workshop + Poppytalk,

Jan Halvarson said...

Rob - it's a cool idea - looking forward to the others.

Amy @ TheMombot.com said...

Thanks so much for posting! I love this idea. I was putting together a blog on making your own stationery and sent you some link love since it perfectly fit the theme!