Gem Stones

Guest Post by Cori Kindred
i've been a little obsessed with pretty gem stones lately (see: my handmade *rock collection* pieces in poppytalk's here comes the sun market).  i think it's because some of them literally look like sparkly candy, but they're from the earth!  what an amazing planet we live on.  here are a few of my recent favorite gem stone images:

clementine's future jewelry pieces (via modish)
~ gemstone inspired clutches by nada saway 
~ rock collections by cori kindred (that's me!)
~ rock texture paintings by britt kee

crystal bullet necklaces from unearthen (for bona drag)
~ paper mixed media sculptures by kirsten hassenfeld

Cori Kindred
profile: nature-lover, photo-taker, mess-maker

Jan Halvarson


silverpebble said...

I share your passion for gems. I'm especially obsessed with tourmaline - one gem, many many colours. Fluorite it the same - so many shades of green, blue and purple but all the same gemstone.

These images are wonderful and so tempting and the sculpture blew me away. It reminded me a little of a 3D version of Altair design colouring books I had as a child.

Lauren said...

Me too! It brings back a childhood memory, but they also look absolutely gorgeous in collections or as jewelry.

Love this post!

mei said...

the bullet necklaces are lovely!

heather said...

i am swooning over those gemstone inspired clutches - how unique!

kara rane said...

the surprise of seeing a Geode being cracked open never gets old. My favorite forever - Malachite.

DASI GLAM said...

Opals are my favorites!

Madeline said...

YESSSSS I am so in love with those crystal bullet necklaces...but definitely cannot swing the $310 that they cost. Maybe this is the wrong question to be asking, but has anyone seen similar necklace designs for much cheaper anywhere?

Clementine said...

Oh, thank you so much for including my photo here, Cori! We clearly share a gem passion ;) Jena from Modish claimed that black stone, but the big round amethyst is set in silver and in my shop right now!