Fun Kids Craft: "Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve" Valentine

Guest Post by Erin Bonifero of Collage Collage

This is a favorite craft of mine, and you'll find me giving out hearts for sleeves again this year. I have a few friends that continue to wear their hearts year round - which I highly recommend.

For this craft, you will need:
a glue stick
white paper (8.5 x 11)
construction paper
some safety pins
some scraps of felt
pencil crayons or markers
a small hole punch (smaller than the regular size!)

Using your scissors, cut out some heart shapes from your felt. Hearts can be whatever size you'd like, but the size of a toonie is best for this craft. With the help of an adult, fasten a safety pin to the heart, and set aside.

Fold your white paper into four and cut out a T-shirt shape by taking 2 rectangles off the sides, and one half circle out of the top, this is your neck line on the t shirt.

Fold your construction paper in half, and cut it. Then fold again to make your card.

Glue the t-shirt shape to the front of the card

Punch 2 holes on the sleeve of the t shirt, and use the holes to fasten the heart and safety pin to the card.

Use your pencil crayons or markers to customize the shirts and write a message inside your valentine.

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Jan Halvarson


Hilary said...

What a super cute idea! And looks easy enough a kid could actually do it.

x Hilary

Unknown said...

I love this idea and may very well have to make some for my friends.

If you are making some I want to encourage you to use them to join the A world in love project where we are crafting hearts and posting photos of them in front of places we love. We are hoping to have it cover the whole world.

take care,

Xanthe said...

My daughters craft club made these after school today. what a great success!!! They had a blast making them.